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Ad scheduling

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Whats the best way to set up my add schedule if I live in New York and want my adds to run 8am to 2 am.  The system wont let me do it





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September 2015

Re: Ad scheduling

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The Ad schedule basically starts at Midnight of each day and allows Midnight to Midnight,
In your case you would have to add split schedules

Monday Midnight - 2am
Monday 8 am- Midnight
Tues Midnight - 2am
Tues 8 am- Midnight
Wed Midnight - 2am
Wed 8 am- Midnight
Thurs Midnight - 2am
Thurs 8 am- Midnight
Fri Midnight - 2am
Fri 8 am- Midnight
Sat Midnight - 2am
Sat 8 am- Midnight
Sun Midnight - 2am
Sun 8 am- Midnight

Also make sure that your account was set up in the correct time zone. It can't be edited and your ad scheduling will always default to that time zone. Look under the right side (Gear Box) drop down to Account Settings the Preferences. The time zone set there is default setting that cannot be changed. If it is not your current time zone you will have to adjust with that time zone in mind.

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