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Ad position at time of click

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Is there a way to the know my Ad position at time of click.  Not just my average position.



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Re: Ad position at time of click

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Google AdWords' interface does not show you a breakdown of the ad's performance by position. It does it for "Top vs. Other":

But that's as deep as you can go in the AdWords interface.

If you want to break the data down by position you'll have to go to Google Analytics and look at "Ad Content" as the primary dimension and add the Ad slot position as the secondary dimension.

But as long as you have several ads with the same headline you won't be able to differentiate them, as "Ad Content" represents the Ad Headline.

Which means that you may want to create a Custom report such as this one and add the Ad Slot position as the secondary dimension.

However, what you'll see in the interface will still not be clear enough (unless you're very good with numbers and can associate a large number, the Ad/Creative ID to your actual ad.

So in order to really make sense of the data you'll have to export data from that report and link it to an Ad Performance report from AdWords via the creative ID. Once you do that you'll be able to see the Ad and its performance.

Not so straightforward unless you can juggle a bit with some data and Google Spreadsheets, Excel and / or an external application.
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Re: Ad position at time of click

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And, averages hide a multitude of sins... in most cases the top vs other will indicate how important the top positions are to your campaign - if you thn see that there are a couple of star performing keywords, it is worth sectioning them off inot their own ad group or even campaign. Once you have them separated out the averages are at least only for that keyword and the top vs other report becomes more meaningful.

As Calin explains - what you are looking for can be done - but it is complex and tough to perhaps turn into actionables - this simpler approach might get you to the same place with less work...