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Ad cost

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How much will an ad cost in ZAR SA rands? How long does it run for? method of payment? where will my ad be featured?


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Hello Tsebest M ! Welcome to the Community !


If you have no experience in configuring a CPC campaign and no time to learn, the better product for you could be AdWords Express ( if it is available in your country )


From your first question I understand that you don't care about clicks on the ad or sales (conversions) . You just want your ad to run for a time like in a newspaper . If my assumption is inccorect, please reply.


In this case , the CPM campaign is for you.


You can read about how costs are calculated on this page




How long does it run for? Answer : for as long as your budget allows it.


method of payment? Answer : read this article




where will my ad be featured? Answer: read this article




and this one