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Are you allowed to have the display URL in the ad text? I understand you can not have the ad text lead into the display URL. Even if you can have the display URL in the ad text would it be a good idea?

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Hey Jeff, how are things?


The Text Ads are composed by five items:



Description line 1

Description line 2

Display URL

Final URL (invisible for the user)


You don't need to include your URL on the description lines because the Display URL field will already show along with your ad. Here's a example:


ScreenHunter_01 Mar. 17 00.15.png


If you include the URL on the description you're loosing space you could be using for me relevant information.


You can learn more about the ads here:


Hope this helps.


Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click

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@leandrofm is correct.


I am not exactly sure what you really want to accomplish by adding the display URL inside the description part of the ad text. That won't actually serve the purpose and will not be relevant experience for the user as well.


Technically also there are some limitations, restrictions that you should be knowing while adding the ad content:-


As per the best practices you should explain your service/product and let the user find that relevant info on your final URL, so that user has the best experience.


My couple of cents!


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I would like to add one thing, If you use full stop at the end of the 1st description line then Google may show the display url in the headline of the ad.

I have got a very informative thread regarding this:

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