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Ad Not Showing for a Keyword

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Hello There,


I have a query regarding "ad not showing" for a key term that I have been targeted in exact match:


Let me brief, I want to set (about) as the negative keyword, with the targeting mode of negative phrase keyword, that if someone searches something like (about XXX XXX) or (XXX XXX about) should not show my ad to them.


So I have targeted that word in negative keyword section like: -"about"


It was fine with all of my other targeted keywords except one, which is targeted in exact match and the keyword is : [information about animation course].


Can anyone tell me that why this keyword is not showing my ad. When I have targeted the about word in negative phrase match it should not block my exact match keywords containing about word in middle.


I am a bit confused about this. Please help me.



Thanks and Regards,




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Re: Ad Not Showing for a Keyword

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Rising Star

Good morning.


If you set "about" as a negative phrase or broad match keyword, it will block ad serving for positive keywords that contain the word "about."


If you want to block searches for "about XXX" then add "about XXX" as a phrase match negative keyword.


As you've seen for yourself, it can be tricky to try and use single-word keywords as negatives. They block much more widely than you might anticipate.

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Re: Ad Not Showing for a Keyword

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Hi Theresa,


Thanks for the reply and its appreciated. But I have one more query to be solved, can you please explain a bit about negative phrase match keywords logic. What kind of logic exactly works for a single word keyword targeted in negative phrase match.


The following article doesn't have all the answers to my question, so please help.






Re: Ad Not Showing for a Keyword

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Hi @Lee Nee S,


Let me take this. 


When you have a single word as Negative keyword, it does not make any difference whether you include it as phrase or broad. Practically, a single word is not a phrase. A phrase needs more than one word. 


Now let me come to your scenario...


When you have about as the negative keyword, whether phrase or broad, it will block all the queries that has this word about in them. For instance - it will block -


information about animation course, know about animation, what about animation, animation about to go off... and so on...


Does that help?


Ratan Jha

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