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Ad Disapproved From Serving?

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Last night I posted a display network campaign targeting specific sites with ads leading to a YouTube channel.  My ads status is "Approved" and the status for each selected site is "Eligible", however, I'm not yielding any traffic.  After hovering over the little status conversation bubble next to the "Eligible" status, I see that my ads are not running for the reason of "Ad has been disabled from serving".  What is that?? I'm not seeing anything in help and I've not gotten any red flag emails saying there's a problem.  Does anyone have any insight???

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Re: Ad Disapproved From Serving?

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Hi emappcmcc,


Interesting problem. I only have one thought for you right now. Is the campaign or the ad paused? Both should have a little green light.

Best of Luck




petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: Ad Disapproved From Serving?

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This is usually an AdSense error message meaning that the site content does not meet Google Adsense policy.

Could be that your ad or your URL, do not meet policy requirements of the display network?



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Re: Ad Disapproved From Serving?

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Hello emappcmcc,


Thanks for contacting us via the forum! To preface my explanation, please be aware that no one on this forum (including Googlers such as myself) have access to your account, but we try our best to diagnose what is going on based on your explanation. 


While there is certainly the factor of placements not hosting AdSense ads on them, this situation sounds like your account may be under a temporary review. These reviews are normal. We periodically review accounts to ensure that all ads meet our quality standards, to verify billing information, and to maintain account security.


If you ads are still not running at this time, please contact AdWords support directly by selecting 'Contact AdWords' in the upper right-hand corner of this page. A member of the support team will be able to verify if a review is occuring on your account and assist you further from there. 


I hope this information was helpful!



Brian D.