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Account Setup & Appeal

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I have two fairly generic queries, as I am still new to AdWords.


What is AdWords policy towards account creation? For example, let's say I have 5 unrelated businesses. Can I have 5 different accounts with the same address & phone no., but advertising different URLs? 


And secondly, if someone's account got suspended a year ago, but he feels he has taken care of all the deemed violations, can he apply for a review? 


It would be great if someone throws light on the matter.

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Re: Account Setup & Appeal

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Hello Vineet V,


As per my understanding, you are allowed to create different accounts for different businesses if they are not related to each other in any way. Otherwise for similar businesses, only one account is allowed.


You can find more details in Double Serving Policy here:


For your second query, I think that once the account is suspended, it's no longer allowed to advertise on Google. However, I would suggest you to read this article in details:


In above reference, read the Site policy violation in detail and see if that's the case you are talking about.


Hope that helps!


Re: Account Setup & Appeal

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Thanks Pankaj for your quick response.


Since we are on the topic & I am sure a lot of people who are new to AdWords would like to know this: If your account gets suspended, how many appeals are allowed? And typically, what is the response time from Google? 


Much to my horror, my own account got suspended 15 days back due to violation of advertising policies. I was about to pack up & leave till, completely unexpectedly, I got an Email from a Google employee about escalation of my case to a specialist & next day, it was reported that my site has been deemed in sync with the advertising policies. My account was restored the next day. I have no idea who referred my case upwards, otherwise I would at least thanked the kind soul profusely.


Is this a common occurrence? One day my site is deemed unfit...the next day it's restored...or can we put it down to a random system error which was thankfully corrected?


Any light on this matter will be highly appreciated.

Re: Account Setup & Appeal

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@Vineet V;

Your account was un-suspended due to a courtesy request to Google, based on our long discussion on this community;


This was a clear courtesy, since you were insisting that you had a valid business model. I made it clear that - in my view -  you were violating the Policy, by offering a fixed price per number of clicks, in complete contrast to the AdWords business model. Google saw things differently;


Practically; on the Policy page there is a link to submit a request for a re-check. And this is the "path" for asking a re-check. Technically, you can submit how many times you wish, However; in practice; since a human reviewer goes over the case, and spends valuable time reviewing the case - you can submit only once.



Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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Re: Account Setup & Appeal

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Well...Thank you ever so much Moshe, for your kind intervention.


I am still very new to AdWords, and post my suspension & un-suspension, I have changed my website & business model completely.


Thankfully, I don't depend on AdWords for my livelihood, but I can understand the anguish of someone who does. Don't you think Google, given the fact that it is a colossus, can be a little more generous in terms of re-admitting people if they rectify their mistakes? I think a lot of people are like me...they make mistakes unknowingly. A lifetime ban is a bit too harsh.

Re: Account Setup & Appeal

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Hi Vineet,


It is very difficult for Google to determine the difference between scammers and people who just misunderstood the policies. They choose to err on the side of caution in the name of "user experience". It's their business, they can do what they think is best. For many banned users, lifetime is perfectly appropriate.


I'm sure this doesn't help and doesn't make you feel any better about it. But that's just the way it is.


Best of Luck!




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