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Account Level Budget for Adwords Account

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I recieved an Adwords Coupon via Post from one of the Google Mailers.I have redeemed it.


I want to set an Account Level Budget to the Account to amount that was redeemed. I don't want to be charged on my credit card.


How do I set an Account Level Budget to stop running the ads once the redeemed amount is over?


Help Appreciated.




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Re: Account Level Budget for Adwords Account

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Hello Hemanth,


To my understanding, you are trying to look for an option where you don't want to accrue costs once your Adwords coupon is used up. Please correct me if that's not the case here.


First and foremost step which is unavoidable (as far as I know) is to have your billing information correctly configured inside the account and verified from Google. Your account will not be considered active until the payment method is not included. 


Another important point to understand is that including billing details doesn't mean that your card will be charged for sure. Of course Google will put the charges on the coupon you have redeemed and if the costs exceed, then only you are charged from your account, otherwise not.


Now, account level budget you are talking about is meant for big agencies as per my best understanding where you are already eligible for monthly invoicing and make the payments on monthly basis for Adwords. You have separate option to create budget order at account level which interacts with your daily budget of the account. You can find more details in this article.


Hope this helps!


Re: Account Level Budget for Adwords Account

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Hi Hemanth,


Your AdWords account has 2 alternative payment options: automatic and manual. For your purposes, your setting should be manual payment. Under this option, the account will not accrue costs in addition to the redeemed amount unless you manually add more funds.


In case your current setting is automatic payment, please follow the steps on the help page linked-to below.


* Change your payment settings




Re: Account Level Budget for Adwords Account

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If you only want to take advantage of the coupon, you can run your account in a limited time only.

Let us say you received $75 coupon, you set a daily budget of $15, assuming the budget is maximized, you only have approximately five days to consume the credit. You may pause the campaign at any given time and just enable back once you are ready!


I highly recommend that in that limited time that you run your ads in Google, Make the most of it.

See for yourself, if you can achieve a good response out of that exposure. 


Set a realistic goal, select the most targeted keywords and allot at least ten minutes of your day, to see how your ads perform. The next time you want to explore, you already have an insight how it works.


Whether you are  running a small business, you can always test the market online and see if AdWords is for you.




More Power,