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A Few Questions Regarding Rich Media Ad & ClickTAG

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Good Morning Everyone!


I am new here and to rich media ad creation and I have a couple of questions regarding what is acceptable and not.


1. For getting your flash ad under 50KB (which the one I'm working on is a bit bigger than that, about 120KB, but adjusting the assets down to smaller file sizes is ruining their quality). I've seen some people say that you can build the ad and host it on your own server, and then upload a secondary ad to google that does a call out to play the swf you have on your server. Is this common/alright to do? I saw that google doesn't want extra calls for JS or extra functionality - but I find it a little ambiguous as to whether it pertains to hosting the file on your own server and using a smaller swf to play it.


2. The ad is a slider with buttons the user can click to see another offer, we wanted to be able to have each of those offers clickable to go to their individual landing pages, but my understanding is that Google only allows the ad to click out to the page you define in the backend of Adwords, and the ClickTAG grabs that and automatically takes care of it, correct?


3. If it's possible to host the ad on our own servers, would the ClickTAG be appropriate on that file and still grab the url from google?


I greatly appreciate any help you can offer!


Thank you,



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Re: A Few Questions Regarding Rich Media Ad & ClickTAG

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1. I had a similar problem with size and i tried th workaround which you suggested, submitting a blank file to google and the file calls another flash file from my server and it didnt work Smiley Sad. Google says "Extra calls: Ad code cannot make external server calls for additional JavaScript or other functionality. All functionality must be localized to the code itself." which means no extarnal files at all. 

2. About diffrent URLs to diffrent destination URLS for diffrent parts of banner I think DCP (Double click for publishers) supports that but not adwords




Regards, Nik
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Re: A Few Questions Regarding Rich Media Ad & ClickTAG

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Thanks Nik!


I had a feeling it seemed too good to be true, and then I once I read about ClickTAG I couldn't fathom how that would work if it's not on google's server, just needed confirmation. We have lessened the scope of the ads and switched over to vector assets where possible and are making it in at 48K or so. I appreciate your help, and I think we might look into the DCP possibilities.


Thanks again!