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5 questions to ask yourself when setting up your first AdWords campaign

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Google Employee

Hi everyone! 


I've put together five questions to ask yourself when setting up your first AdWords campaign. I hope this will help you understand what aspects of AdWords to focus on at the beginning of your campaign creation. 


1. What do you think people will search for when looking for your business?


Tell us with keywords! Keywords describe your products or service and will tell the AdWords system when to show your ad. We don’t recommend using one word keywords, but usually recommend a keyword phrase with 2-3 words. It's also a great idea to add negative keywords which tell the AdWords system not to show your ads for certain search queries. Negative keywords will save you money and will ensure your ads show to the right people, at the right time.


2. What does your business do?


Tell us with ads! Ads show all across Google to people interested in your business. They should include a description or promotion of your products or service and they will also provide a link to your website. Use the space in your ads to promote what’s great about your business!



3. Where do you want your ads to show?


Tell us with location targeting! Using the location targeting option in your campaign settings will ensure your ads appear to people in the specified area. You can choose to target a country, a city or a radius around a certain point.


4. When do you want your business advertising to show on Google?


Tell us with ad scheduling! You may want your ads to be eligible to appear on Google 24/7 - however if not, you can use ad scheduling to choose the days and hours when your ads can appear. For example, you may wish to switch your ads off at the weekends or during the night. You can use the ad scheduling option in your campaign settings to achieve this.


5. What kind of AdWords campaign would you like to have?


Within AdWords you can create Google Search Network campaigns, Google Display Network campaigns and Shopping campaigns.



  • The Search Network is where people type search queries into Google search and, if you have a relevant keyword in your AdWords campaign, your text ad will be eligible to show.

  • The Display Network is a group of more than a million websites, videos, and apps where your ads can appear, if people are browsing content related to your website.

  • Shopping campaigns display Product Listing Ads based on the products you have added to your Merchant Center account. This campaign option is available to e-commerce websites only. 

I’d recommend watching this short video about choosing the right campaign setting for you: .


I hope these few short points will help you create the most effect AdWords campaign for your business!


Before I wrap up, I want to make sure that you know where to find support if you need help.


We have many ways to contact us! You can post your question right here on the AdWords Community to get help from many experienced advertisers, or you can read through existing threads to see if another advertiser has asked the question before. You will also find many articles, videos and tips on the AdWords Help Centercovering all aspects of AdWords accounts. In addition to this you can call, email or chat with the AdWords Support Team.


Best of luck, and happy advertising!


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Re: 5 questions to ask yourself when setting up your first AdWords cam

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Community Manager
Thanks for sharing, Rachel!

5 questions to ask yourself when setting up your first AdWords campaign

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Thank you for this! 

5 questions to ask yourself when setting up your first AdWords campaign

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Hey ya'll! I want to post a questions about adwords to the community to get an answer on a problem I'm having, but I'm not sure how to post the question. Will anyone please help me?