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1 Master AdWords account - need login for sub accounts

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Over the past few years, I have managed many different AdWords campaigns for the company where I am currently employed. Over the past few months, we have hired an outside agency to help us with our Google AdWords campaign efforts. I have asked the agency to share login access to our Google AdWords account they have created for us, but they keep pushing back saying they are unable to do so because they have one master Google AdWords account for all their clients (our competitors), and are unable to provide us with access to our Google AdWords without giving us access to our competitors' data.


I was shocked at this reply for many reasons. I think it is imperative for me and my colleagues to see how our campaigns are progressing and would like to be able to run detailed reports on traffic, geo-targets, time of day, keywords, etc.


I just can't imagine that Google AdWords does not allow for separate profiles in one Master AdWords account like they do with Google Analytics. Any direction or guidance would be greatly appreciated. There has to be a way for the ad agency to provide us with access to our Google AdWords campaign data without see our competitors' data. Thanks in advance for the help!

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Re: 1 Master AdWords account - need login for sub accounts

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Hi nina d,

If that's what the ad agency is telling you, I would turn and run. I have no idea what they mean by this, but if their accounts are truly set up this way--running multiple and competitive accounts through one "master account", I would not trust them for an instant. And if they refuse to give you at least report access, I would definitely fire them that very instant when any one at the company gave me that answer.

If they are organized as Google recommends, each client has a separate account, all accessed through an MCC account. That would allow them to grant you access without revealing competitors' data. If it is true they can not grant you access without seeing your competitors's data, all are running in the same AdWords account, and only one ad can show on any single SERP. That drives the CPC up for all their clients.

Call them again and ask for access to your account. If you do not get access, escalate your request up the chain of command from your account rep, to the supervisor all the way up to the head of the company. If you can not get access to your account, fire the agency post-haste. They are not being honest with you.

Best of Luck!

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