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un linking of google my business page and google brand page

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My google brand page and google my business page got linked by mistake. Now I can't make any changes to the brand page without affecting the my business page.  Is there a way to un link my google business page from my google brand page?

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un linking of google my business page and google brand page

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1- If they are the same business, Google links them. 

2- Are they the same business?

3- What business is it so we can take a look?

4-If you want you can create a different brand page and connect your local listing to that page. Instructions here:

Re: un linking of google my business page and google brand page

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Hi Mike,

Thanks for the assistance.

They are supposed to have different business names but they currently have
the same business name.

Google my business is supposed to be John Munno Photography and Weddings.

Gooogle brand page is supposed to be John Munno Photography.

I don't want to connect any brand pages to google my business, just want
the John Munno Photography Brand page (currently called John Munno
Photography and weddings) have its name changed back to John Munno
Photography and to be not linked to anything.

Is there any way to accomplish this?


un linking of google my business page and google brand page

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An isolated brand page has ZERO value on Google Plus. Why would you want to do anything on John Munno Photography Brand page and not have it linked to your local listing. 


But if you follow the instructions above it will work. 

un linking of google my business page and google brand page

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Because I have two different business that have two different customers and
offering two different services but with the same address.  Google will not
allow me to have two business from the same address so I have to form some
kind of a compromise that will allow customers from both business to find
my location.  Hence the extended name on the my business page.

To show the two different business independently and the services I provide
which are totally different,  I have two different brand pages that show
the differences.  John Munno Weddings brand page showing wedding
photography and  previous John Munno Photography Brand page  specializing
in landscapes and commercial photography.

It wasn't always this way but somehow the John Munno Photography brand page
(with images of landscapes) has had its name changed and got linked to the
business page John Munno Photography and Weddings.  So the title of the
brand page John Munno Photography has had the word Weddings added to it and
now the new brand page title JOhn Munno Photography and Weddings doesn't
reflect the content of the page which is landscapes and commercial

So my scenereo is not typical, but I am sure there are many people that run
two business out of the same location and are faced with this scenereo.
And unfortunately Google is very Black and White in its dealing with
situations like this and don't offer flexibility regarding having two
business from the same location.  So I am trying to do my best to work
limited paramaters of Google to represent the two different business
independently to my customer and at the same time allow customers to find
each business through seo and content on the web.

Does that make sense?

If you have any other ideas let me know.

I may just have to delete the brand page if I can't unlink it  and start a
new page with a new name under a different email.  This is the only way I
can see to work around this.


un linking of google my business page and google brand page

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From Google's point of view these are two divisions or departments within a single business. They are different services of the same business. And justifiably so. You probably have a single phone number, a single accounting system, a single entrance, have a single business listed with local authorities and file a single tax return with the state and federal government.


You need to realize that brand pages that are not associated with a verified local listing do not really show in search and absolutely do not show in Maps or local packs. 


So I would ask what your marketing goals are and what the purpose of the stand alone brand page is given that it won't likely show in search.


Your current listing and brand page are verified and are named  to reflect your wedding efforts. 


You could easily create a new brand page, independent of the above that reflects your landscape photography. It would only be useful if you find Google Plus useful. Otherwise it would be a waste of local marketing time.


You could rename your business to John Munno Commercial and Wedding Photography (or some such) to reflect the range of your business.


Or you could just go with John Munno Photography and use categories, content and your website to help users understand the range of things you do. 


If you are going to go with the longer more descriptive name than it is important that you change it everywhere from the county DBA filing to all of your citations. 

un linking of google my business page and google brand page

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Dear Mike,


Thanks for your detailed and very well thought out and articulated response. It is bringing much light and clarity to the situation and is helping me move in the best direction fitted for the business.  A few more steps and I hope to have resolution and direction.


I see googles point about being one business with different departments or divisions.  And in some ways that is accurate.  It is unfortunate google my business doesn't allow two websites so I can only show the wedding part of my work via a website link and not the landscape part of my business.  That being said, I will build upon that tread and direction below of being one business with two divisions.


The business (John Munno Photography) started out 8 years ago doing commercial and landscape work.  It had and still has its own website, (  its own google my business and  brand page with years of content (landscape and nature images) face book page, pintrist page etc and of course clients.  The last year the business started doing wedding photography (an expansion) which has grown rapidly and taken up 90 percent of the business.  


With the expansion of the wedding part of the business (John Munno Weddings) I created its own website ( as there is too much content and diversity to put the two divisions on the same website and I felt it would be hurtful to both businesses which in some ways are very separate.   Having separate websites works great as they have different, colors content and clearly represent the division of that part of the business.  I also created its own facebook business page  (facebook allows this, google doesn't) as well as its own pintrist, instagram accounts and of course its own brand page to post content which is wedding photography. 


To answer your questions, I changed the name of the business to include the expansion by adding dba and a name shift at the local, county level so that is all legitimate and has been all complete.  John Munno Photography and John Munno Weddings  but it has created problems with the brand page which it is linked to.


So from a marketing standpoint it makes more sense to market the wedding part of the business as it is 85-90 percent of the business now.


It also makes sense to have the divisions remains as separate as possible to show a clear division since they have different clients with different needs and I will continue to keep the separate websites, face book business pages, pintrist pages etc.  This method has served me well and I feel does more good then harm to keep them separate.


The only remaining issues and things that need to be addressed are the following.

1) The brand page that is linked to the Google My business page John Munno Photography and John Munno Weddings has all the old landscape and commercial content on it but has the name of weddings as it's title now. (this is the verified page) So something needs to be changed here as the content and name don't match.


2) I have a separate brand page John Munno Weddings that has all wedding content on it. (this is not verified and is stand alone under a different email) (I have two separate emails for the  different divisions) 



So the questions are

1) Do I remove all the landscape content from the current John Munno Photography and John Munno Weddings Brand page that is linked to google my business and put up the weddings content or keep a mixture of both content.


2) What happens with the other John Munno Weddings brand page (unverified)  with all the wedding content on it?   Is there a way to switch it with the current brand page linked to the google my business page?  or do I keep it as I feel it is helpful to my clients and I have links to it from many of my other wedding marketing pages such as The Knot,, email signatures etc.


And somewhere I feel the importance of having a Landscape only brand page. as I have links to it from other landscape related pages.  So can I swap out the current two brand pages or start a new brand page with John Munno Photography name only and landscape content?






So from a marketing standpoint it makes more sense to market this part of the business.