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the country you're coming from, results in a serious discrimination within the categories

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Dear All,


I'm in trouble with the gcid (GoogleCategoryID) and the corresponding German terms serious problems. Since our web site is running in 7 languages, I thought in my youthful folly:


If the required category exists in German ("categories_de_DE.csv") but not in the Austrian ("categories_de_AT.csv") and otherwise a corresponding number of sectors in one language inside and the other just not, I create a database-table and use the the US American GoogleCategoryID (gcid) as "key". To this key I load the text of all the other languages (Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian).... in the corresponding fields per record.


Finally I search for the most appropriate category and use the US gcid (GoogleCategoryID) to let google know which business / sector this really is.


By no means


The concrete example:


The desired sector should be "Boot und Yachtzubehöhr" (which stands for boat and yachting equipment). Embarrassing enough, in the "de_AT" I found nothing that fits (despite all the seafarers in our country).

Fortunately in the "de_DE I found the "Bootszubehörhändler" (right …).

This boat accessories dealer points to a GCID: "boat_accessories_supplier".

Perfect (I thought), so I'm searching in the US chart after "boat_accessories_supplier" and ............


find nothing. :-(




1) In our Austrian Google Menu it is impossible to enter the "de_DE" term "Bootszubehörhändler" (picture Cat-1.jpg)


2) Likewise it is impossible to use the GCID-term from the "en_US" (or any other) (picture Cat-2.jpg)



I involved here a German Google expert (thanks to Helmut at this stage) who forwarded me to this thread.


After some investigation I identified that the problem is far uncomfortable because I cannot tell Google that I'd like to move away from the AT-category restrictions. I have found no way to tell the system that I want to use the German "fields" (in our case " Bootszubehörhändler").


Not enough.

I have invested and found (within the following 7 languages which are key to us​​: US, DE, NL, FR, IT, ES, RU, US) that there are currently 3574 unique GCID's and only 2396 in the US version (see picture "Cat-3.jpg"; Excel table on request). So in a nutshell there is a significant inconsistency between the countries and it's branches / categories / sectors which finally lead to a situation that those with the smallest number are extremely discriminated once it is about international business (in our case no one will find our yachting business; only the deep see shipping).


Please let me know:

  • How do I get the right category extensions?
  • When is this available to me?


Many thanks and regards

GerhardCat-1.JPG..try to use the German categoryCat-2.JPGtry to use the gcidCat-3.JPGscreenshot of the table showing the country differences

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Re: the country you're coming from, results in a serious discrimination within the categories

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I escalated this thread  into the API board of this forum as the linked category spreadsheet is under the control of the GMB API folks:

"a new category issue reported for boat_accessories_supplier etc."

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