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showing my Business on google search result

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I would ask about google my business
I finished all the step for the verified for local business but when I search about it in google doesn't show in result even when write full name

My business name : Odysseia Media & Design Services

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Re: showing my Business on google search result

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Hi @Hussein E,


Thanks for writing! It looks like you just put your verification through this afternoon, so I would recommend giving it about 24 hours to start showing up properly. Let me know if you have any other questions.




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Re: showing my Business on google search result

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@Hussein E


Your business page is verified and can found on a name search like for "Odysseia Media & Design Services, Tripoli, Libya" on GoogleMaps.

But It doesn't get a Knowledge Panel if doing a search on Google.

There are in my opinion two possible reasons for it:


1# there is obviously an addressing issue for your specified address: "Gergarish Main Rd Hay Al-Andalus, Tripoli, Libya"


Try searching for this plain address in GMaps and you will be surprised not getting any result at all.

This is the same for MapMAker.

Now try instead searching for "Gergarish Main Rd Tripoli, Libya" (omitting Hay Al-Andalus, ) and the street gets found!


I therefore recommend to change in oyur dashboard the address accordingly.

2# there is a naming violating for your business page name (learn more about the rules in here "Guidelines for representing your business on Google")

As far as I see on your own website your business is  NAMED as "Odysseia" and it's PROVIDING  "Media & Design Services"


You therefore should change the name of your business page from "Odysseia Media & Design Services" to just "Odysseia"

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: showing my Business on google search result

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Thank You

I put my verifaicaion from two weeks ago ,

Re: showing my Business on google search result

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Thank you for help
Depends on your advices I changed the address name to ( Gergarish Main Road )
And I will change the business name to ( Odysseia Company - for media & design services ) to make sure that I am following the "Guidelines for representing your business on Google"
I believe this is what you have meant with your advices.