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remove negative reviews

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For some six months our business is experiencing a bad review by some strange name of Noonga Noonga who has never been our customer. There is no mention of our product model number or serial number or date and address of installation so such reviews should not be entertained on Google reviews pages as this does not leave scope for rebuttal. This one seems to be a malicious review posted probably by some one with our opponents instigation since we launched our break through Super Star high efficiency lowest profile heater range awarded by the federal government. The fake customer has mentioned our opponent's name, is a clear evidence that it is a malicious attempt to malign our image.

We are a fully customer focused small but fast growing Australian manufacturer with IS9001 accreditation fully committed to customer satisfaction request you to remove such negative reviews with immediate effect, before we seek legal advise on this matter.

This has damaged us so far at least with $270,000 worth of business.


Jai Kaudinya


Eco Pacific Pty.Ltd.


Kind regards

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Re: remove negative reviews

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Hi @Jai K


I think you are going to face an uphill battle getting them removed.


In the UK, we generally have to fall back on Liable laws and send letters to Google UK to get anything removed.


The only time they will generally remove a review is, if there is profanity or they can verify the account is not in country our can be tied to other negative reviews.


I don't know what AU laws are like, but I still guess you need to follow the prescribed protocol by Google, because a court ( if it got to that ) would need to see that you gave Google verey opportunity to remove the reviews.


Step 1:

Flag the review.


Log into your account >> Review section >> Flag review


Wait 7 days


Step 2:

Contact business support.


Explain that you son't believe these to be customers and have no records. Explain that they highlight a Brand Competitor in the review.


Wait for their response. Ask for response copy to be emailed.


Step 3:


Time to consult a solicitor.



Tim Capper
Google My Business Top Contributor (UK) and SEO consultant at Online Ownership

Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: remove negative reviews

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Hi @Jai K


As you are an Australian based company you can use the services of the ACCC before you go to a solicitor :)


Follow steps 1 and 2 from Tim's post and if that does not work, then get in touch with the ACCC and explain your concerns to them - they may choose to investigate, which will save you the cost of a solicitor.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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