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"Go to best answer" deceiving

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On some forum threads where a question is not resolved, people who respond are able to mark their *own* responses as "the best answer". Even if the response is neither correct nor an answer. Even more confusing, a link that says "GO TO BEST ANSWER" is then added to the original question/post, which gives the impression to others that support has been provided.


So you've got who knows how many unresolved topics in the forum that are not adequately resolved, yet on the surface it looks as if everything is just swell.


So my question is: how is it acceptable that 1) people can mark their own replies as the "best answer", and 2) the original question displays a link to "best answer" even if the issue is not resolved?


It seems that only the person asking the question should be allowed to decide which response is the "best". And unresolved posts should remain unresolved, not flagged as having a "best answer" when in fact no resolution is provided.


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January 2016

Re: "Go to best answer" deceiving

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Community Manager
Hi Jeff,

Only our Top Contributors, and Community Managers (Google employees) are able to mark responses off as "best answer." I'm sorry to hear that you did not agree with the response that we had selected as the best answer.

Should you have further questions, please feel free to un-mark the "best answer" provided, or just respond with the additional questions and we'll be happy to provide more clarity.

Thanks for sharing your feedback!


Re: "Go to best answer" deceiving

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Ah, I didn't realize that the original poster could un-select the claimed "best answer". That helps enormously, thank you.