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"Branded Organization"

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I need clarification regarding whether to create 1 or 2 Google pages for a business. It is a dentist's office with one dentist and several staff members. The name of the doctor is not part of the business name.

So . . . when I look at the guidelines for Name under Individual Practitioner (, it says at the end:

"Solo practitioners belonging to branded organizations

If a practitioner is the sole public-facing one at this location and represents a branded organization, the practitioner page should not be separate from the organization’s page. Instead, create a single page, titled using the following format: [brand/company]: [practitioner name].

  • Acceptable: "Allstate: Joe Miller" (if Joe is the sole public-facing practitioner at this Allstate-branded location)"

My question: Is the business a "branded organization" just because it's name is not the doctor's name, OR does "branded organization" mean that the business is a BRAND page?
Should the business be create as a Location page and the Dentist as a separate Profile page? If not, what then?

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Re: "Branded Organization"

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Hi Joseph, 

Yeah, that wording does sound a little confusing. They mean a brand in the normal sense of the word, you don't need to create a brand page for the main business. I don't specialize in Dentists, but my understanding is that there's a few caveats here that I may as well hit while we're here, since it does change what you want to do. 

Case 1: the Dentist is the only practitioner at the location, and either has chosen to brand his/her practice with a business name to help customers remember who they are, or he/she is part of a larger organization that has multiple locations. Either way, it's fairly certain they're going to be the only practitioner that's ever going to work at that location. 

If that's the case, then make a single Google my Business local profile page, and name it using the convention "Brand: dentists name" as mentioned in the article you quoted. 


Case 2: Here's where things can be a huge hassle. If this dentist is the only practitioner, but a year or two down the road there might be more than one practitioner there, you could be setting yourself up for a huge mess later on. Every single time the business is mentioned around the internet (or even in DBA and government incorporation records), as much as possible it should have the same format as it has in your Google my Business local profile. So if you ever need to change the name in your Google my Business profile, you're going to need to change it everywhere. Including potentially hundreds of places you never set up yourself to begin with (business info propagates a long ways). There's a ton of ins and outs that can cause problems if you add another Dentist in the business, so if your client DOES plan on getting another practitioner at that location at some point, reply here and say the situation and hopefully someone with more experience in working with Dentists can come by and steer you straight. 

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Re: "Branded Organization"

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@Joseph G


I have worked with a lot of dental offices over years.  And yes it is confusing.  ; )  Let me share some examples to help you make the best decision.


One Doctor, One Location:
The first thing I like consider is how the doctor business is listed with city and State. Does the doctor have a separate/different legal business name that he uses on his business license, website, and social profiles? Or does he use his name as the business listed on business license with the city/state?


Example: Dr Marco Ruiz at Monte Vista Family Dentistry


Dr. Ruiz has a business license in San Antonio for his practice name "Monte Vista Family Dentistry".  But if you look at the state records you will notice that it displays MARCO A RUIZ DDS PA  which is common with most dentists once they receive their license.

State Record:


Google My Business will often create a listing for the doctor with the practitioner name MARCO A RUIZ DDS PA for example.  But Dr Ruiz wants to use the name Monte Vista Family Dentistry as you can see here on his practice GMB page


The guidelines allow Dr Ruiz to have a GMB page with his business name instead of Personal Name.


Multiple Doctors, One Location

It is very common for a dental practice to have associate doctors in addition to the primary doctor and business owner.  When this happens each doctor should have a GMB page in addition to the practice GMB page.



Dr. Eric Kuhl DDS

Dr. Jesus Garza DDS

Dr. Laura Perry DDS

Dr. Shiva Izaddoust DDS


And the practice page for South Park Family Dental Care


You will notice that in this instance Dr. Izaddoust, a doctor the owner has a personal listing and a business listing.  It would break guidelines for there to be only 1 listing for the business and all 4 doctors.  


This is a good thing because doctors may change practices from time to time.  It is also good for instances like when one doctor receives poor reviews while the other doctors at the practice receive positive reviews.   Or if the practice is receiving poor reviews, but one of the doctors gets positive reviews.

Re: "Branded Organization"

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Thank you James for helping clear this up for me.

Re: "Branded Organization"

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Cody, thanks for the very informative response, along with the links that definitely help clarify things.
I appreciate your thoughtful and comprehensive answer.