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one company two listings

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As you can see in the image below, our business is listed twice (and also shown twice on maps).

We can't figure out how to remove one of the listings in such way, that it also dissapears from google maps.




one company two locations.png



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Maren van Dooren

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Re: one company two listings

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First delete it from the dashboard and then inside of Google Maps call up the listing for the wrong one (this may require that you zoom in more closely. And then suggest an edit to report it as a duplicate.





If at the end of two weeks the duplicate has not disappeared then you need to contact support for assistance.

To get in touch with Google My Business Support ou need to:
1- log into your Google my business dashboard
2- select support from upper left hamburger menu
3- a help screen will appear to the right
4- It used to be just a scroll down to contact us under Contact Us
5- Scroll down and select Need More Help
6- Select the specific problem - in your case Verification
7- Select I requested a postcard more than 14 days ago
8- Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose most appropriate contact method for you (some are not always available)

Alternatively you can try contacting them:

one company two listings

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From that screen, that you provided in that screenshot, click on the little blue building, from there click on the INFO tab in the navigational menu.  Next you will see where that listing is published.  You should see something like Google Search, Google Maps, Google+, etc.  Under there there is in grey text is Close or remove this listing, click on that.  You will have two options either MARK AS PERMANENTLY CLOSED or REMOVE LISTING.  I would recommend the second (Remove Listing).