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multiple businesses with same name

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Hello everyone,


I have created a business account for one of my clients, there are couple of businesses with same in same country. Account is already verified and created a month ago. I can see the business account which appears on right side when you type the name of business on google search if that gmail account is logged in. However I try to log out from that gmail account and try to make a google search like a regular person , the business account does not appear on right side of the page (Imean the preview with photos and infos so on).


I had to change the name of business, only I added one more word to separate from others, then It appeared on right side on google search after typing the name.


But my client is not very happy that real name of company can not be used in this case. Is there any way to solve this issue? I would like to go back to real name of business and to make it visible on account preview when you search in google.


Thanks in advance.