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just had an issue that took me more than 3 month and start to bother me. 

I worked for company and I got assigned to work on company social media,

I found that the company had moved form the old location ( Bankstown) to new location ( Granville). I asked my boss to give me the access to google so I can change the company location but apparently he don't remember the email address, we tried all the email address but not use. 

I contact google and filled a form for claimed owner ship for this business, and I got one of google guys name Deependra  to solve this issue and advice me that he will release this business so I can claim it to my self. 

I try to do that but it didn't work. it keeps asking me to verify the business by sending code to the old address.

I try to create a new company location on google so I can merge the two address but it didn't work. 

I sent couple of email to Deependra to ask him for help to solve this issue but he didn't reply back to me.


now if I search our company name on google you will find 2 location the old one ( closed ) which we don't want and the new one. 

I try to report that the old address is closed or moved to new location but it didn't work. I still can see the old location on google.

if I delete the old location its mean that I release it from my ownership and I give the chance for someone else to claim it.


could you kindly help to solve this issue, as we want to delete the old address from google search and map and replace it with the new current one,


company name Ming Tian Real Property


old address is: 34/256 Chapel Rd , Bankstown, NSW, Australia 


our current address is :3/26 James Ruse Drive, Granville. 


telephone number is 1300116750 


email address

website :