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missing google reviews

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I ask our photography clients to always leave a review after our appointments by sending them a direct googlemybusiness review link that I had created ( ) by googling "create google review direct link"


Our client, Mary Rossi, had successfully posted a review that never registered to us. 4 days after she posted it, I asked for the review again via text message, and she sent me this screenshot from her phone:


screenshot of Mary Rossi phone.jpg



I never received a notification about the message, so i assumed it was taking longer to officially publish, as I've heard sometimes it can take up to 3-4 days.


Now it has been 1.5 weeks and I still have no update on the review, however Mary can still see her review when she googles our business. To the best of my knowledge, the review is totally compliant with policies. Is there any way to register missing reviews to Google? Or challenge flagged reviews?


What is my next step and how can I ensure that I will not improperly ask for Google reviews in the future ever again?

Re: missing google reviews

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Hmm, I would contact Google via chat for this one. I don't think we will be able to do anything publicly for you.


Google Chat

Talk to a  specialist

You can also request a callback from Google My Business




Yan Gilbert, SEO Consultant & Analyst
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