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locations are not all listed in google result?

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Hi all,
I have all the 5 branches published in map maker. however, when I google my restaurant I can only see one branch. how can I have them all in goole result listed as below

and the restaurant in map maker as you can see below are available



I would really appreciate your help with this.
Thanks a lot !
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April 2016

Re: locations are not all listed in google result?

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@Eman A
The reason that pizza Hut is highlighted over your new 5 locations is because the pizza hut locations carry authority & prominence, i.e. higher website authority, older and more seasoned on maps, more listings around the Web on sites like yelp, yellowpages, superpages, etc.

I would recommend adding/updating your listings on the sites mentioned here

And here


You may also consider reviewing other factors mentioned below to improve your business prominence aND relevance.


The good news is that Google likes serving a variety of qualified businesses in the results in my experience.  It's not a good result if multiple pizza huts are showing.  Be patient.  Following the advice in those articles and with time I'm sure you'll become an option.  Kudos on getting Google reviews at those locations.  Keep those reviews coming and that will help also.