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how to rank local business

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Seeking step by step tutorial through all things Google. How to utilize Google MyBusiness. How to cross all T's and dot all i's to place local business up on top. As far as Google is concerned.

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how to rank local business

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Hi @Charley B


It's a little difficult to provide a tutorial for 'All things Google' in a single post :)

And, unfortunately, there is no rule book that says 'if you do A, B and C your business will appear on top' - otherwise everyone would be doing it (then nobody would be on top... you see the dilemma).


Google map search results are also quite customised towards the user and may be weighted quite heavily towards factors such as location - so what shows for one user could be different to another.

>> For 'Ranking Factors of a Google Business Page', there is a comprehensive guide here.

Additionally... here is some general advice for Google My Business which I hope helps you as a start:


1. Enter all of the information within the Google My Business page as completely as possible (opening hours, photos etc.)

2. Ensure your main NAP details (Name, Address, Phone) are up to date and consistently formatted with any other online listings for your business. Also ensure your business category is consistent.

3. Encourage your customers to leave reviews (this won't get you to rank higher, but it will help you to stand out in search results).


Also check out this video from Google which explains a bit more about how the map listings work and some important points: I can’t find my business on Google



Aside from this...


Your next steps could be:

  1. Dig further into local SEO (perhaps speak to a local professional for advice) 
  2. Consider running some paid ads in Google Adwords or Adwords Express


I hope this is helpful.