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Hello, I am trying to google my business by a category. Auto Tag and it does not come up.

How can I fix that?

business is

Downtown Auto Tag & Notary LLC

539 Court Street

Reading PA 19601


Also is it showing in the map yet?

google my business

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Hi Madeline, looks like you accidentally double-posted. I marked the other one as a duplicate, so this should be the only active thread.

It looks like you're live, a search for your business name pulls up the knowledge panel for your business to the right. I'm not seeing you anywhere in the map though for the phrase 'auto tag'. Honestly though, there's quite a bit that goes into how Google decides which businesses to show. One piece they use, is information about your business on other sites around the web. Does your business have a profile on Yelp? Facebook? How about Yellow pages online? Official state business incorporation? The more trustworthy of a footprint that Google sees, the more likely they'll start showing your business. You can see at least part of the picture here.

You can read more about citations here


I also noticed you're linking to the mobile version of your Facebook page. At least fix the link so that desktop users will see the correct version of your page. You should know though, your website's prominence in the search results will also largely influence your rankings. Having a decent site with good community ties (links from local, or industry relevant websites and organizations) will go a long ways towards helping you too. 


Last, the age of Google My Business profiles matters quite a bit too. Even if you do everything correctly, it can still take a month or two sometimes before you start showing up for more general search terms. 

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