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duplicate business listing that I did not create

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Hello, I was recently contacted by a company claiming to help clean up my google listing and take care of all of my SEO needs.. I'm sure every business gets these (i get calls like this every couple of weeks) and who knows how many of them are legitimate businesses but either way I take care of all of our SEO and maintain our listing in house.. This gentleman however pointed out that there is a duplicate listing for my store (we only have 1 location) which I never created and that it would negatively affect my google rating.. I get the feeling this "company" probably creates these duplicate listings so they can charge you to remove them because it wasn't there before.. anyways what is the best way to get rid of the one? I verified the listing to take control of it but don't want to delete it just yet because I want to make sure it's not going to delete the other one which has all of my reviews, and history. Any suggestions?


Western Farm Center

21 West 7th St. - Santa Rosa, CA 95401



Proper Google Maps Listing -


Duplicate Google Maps Listing -