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create a post is not showing: One of Two businesses is not available

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Attached are screenshots from my two business. One has Post option, the other does not. Sea Ranch Abalone Bay Vacation Rental is the one I really want to have benefit of this option. Why is it not showing? 

Both businesses are verified and located in USA- Apartments in Washington, the Vacation Rental in The Sea Ranch, CA.

I received an invitation to use it with the apartments. I continue to wait for the Vacation Rental.

What must I do to have ALL OF MY BUSINESSES with that option?




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Re: create a post is not showing: One of Two businesses is not available

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Hi Donna,


It is a really great feature and I can see why you would want it to show for all of your listings. I currently manage dozens of Google My Business listings and have the feature available for some (about 50%).


Being highly involved with Google reveals to me a pattern of rolling out new products or features like this in batches, which is not necessarily by user but by listing. I would guess that your listings were not created at the same time.


Upon digging in a little further, my understanding is that a very tiny percentage ( 0.001%) of listings could have a technical issue that prevents this from showing... although the only two logical reasons are: 1) listing is not verified and 2) listing has not received the new feature yet. 


For those that have not received it yet... it is coming soon and there is nothing that can be done (request, talk to someone, etc.) to get it sooner. 


Since you have received it for one listing and have both listings verified, I would suggest giving it a little more time to show. This is a very new feature and it can take days or even weeks for it to hit every account. 




We are seeing the need for a hard browser refresh to get the feature to show in the dashboard. 

The only industry where where it is not available is the hotel and b&b categories.


This great article covers the main points of this new Google My Business feature, which you may find useful. 


If you feel there could be some other issue with your account, you can use this link and request a email/call back.

Kind Regards,






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