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couldn't get my Business Address on google search

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When I tried put the name of my business on google search after verification then the address doesn't show up on the right side....but when I put the business name with address on search bar then it shows up. ?

Why ?

I want the address to show up just by search the business name.

Please Help. ASAP

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couldn't get my Business Address on google search

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Usually its because the business does not have enough relevance on just its name and by adding the address you are increasing the relevance of the query and Google then shows your business.


If you want to have the Knowledge Panel show up with a search by just the business name you will need to make your listing both more relevant and more prominent in the eyes of the Google system.


That being said Google does use 3 broad metrics for ranking a set of results even something as simple as a brand search:

Proximity is defined as how close the listing is to the assumed position of the searcher. Some searches have a radius of only several miles around the point defined by that assumed position. This depends on your industry and its density. Obviously you can't control that. But the fact that you, sitting inside the business is not generating the results means that you are lacking relevance and prominence. 

Relevance is all the things that Google looks at to understand what a business is and does. It is not a binary assignation and has valence... so a business could be more relevant than another and rank higher. Relevance is accrued to a listing by things like:
- business name
- category at Google
- category elsewhere
- review content at Google
- review content elsewhere
- website content
- anchor text content
- social content
- newspaper article content


In your case you would want to be sure that your business is listed at all of the directories that Google looks at and that your own website links to home page on your branded phrase. 

Prominence speaks to the idea of quantity and quality of "on-line votes" for the business. This is primarily in the form of links to their website, the local quality of those links and the quality of the websites from which they came. A link from the NY Times is likely worth more than a link from the Olean Times Herald.

In your case it would help to get these links some links to your website from other local businesses and places like the Better Business Bureau. Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce and other local websites that would link to you using your business name as the anchor text.



Google understands the relevance of a business to a term by a number of factors:


Use of the term in their name
Ranking well for the term on their website
Write ups by Google's professional staff that include the wording in their description
The phrase occurring in links to their sites
The phrase occurring in links on their site
The phrase occurring in reviews at Google
The phrase occurring in reviews elsewhere
The phrase occurring in newspaper articles about your company.
The phrase occurring in the company's social efforts.

Google looks to try to understand what a business does by looking across the internet at references to your business. So if you want to be shown on that phrase you have to become relevant on that phrase (in an online digital sense)