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Wrong photos (also being hyperlinks to elsewhere) repeatedly appearing in my business listing

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This is a repeated problem I have had though somewhat less than two years of having my business verified by Google.

When googling for my business, wrong images (belonging to the different business, but of the same kind) appear. Image is not only wrong, but directly hinders my business because clicking on it takes a visitor to a different dental office, in the same city.

Prior to this posting here, I have done the following:

- Flagged the image between 20 and 30 times in the past period

- Sent feedback to Google Maps describing the problem.

- Tried to write to GMB support but got lost in merry-go-'round GMB support cross linking.

- Tried to "talk to a specialist" but could not fill in the form for pre-dial for my country (+387) does not exist in the menu.

Anyway, no reaction whatsoever.

The wrong image does not appear among my GMB photos, not added "by owner" or "by customer".

This is what I wrote in "Send feedback" to Google Maps, where from you can use links:


Wrong image (also a hyperlink to other business page) associated to my business listing - I want it removed.

I flagged it some 30 times already - no removal yet

Wrongly added image is found here: MyBusiness-wrong place for image

Real, non-violating web place for that image is found in two business location listings you can find via this link: Other business-right place for image

Having it tied to my business is a direct hindrance to it.

This is really getting old - I constantly report the same problem for my business in the last two years.

How many flags does it take for Google to react?

I am at disposal for any contact should you have any inquiries.

Please have it removed 


Identical problem was discussed previously here (If initially confusing, just scroll little further down the text) - image was removed, problem reappeared.

Other than just reporting, is there anything I can do directly, related to my GMB (Or at least get notified that content was added to my GMB location)?

My business can suffer seriously (or already is?)

Thankful in advance to all the contributors.
Best regards