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Wrong address listing

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Hello all,

My bussiness Laser centar Diva has moved to the new address at Prote Mateje 9 (Belgrade, Serbia) months ago. I have registred new address and it is listed in Google My Bussiness normally:,20.469307,18z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x9...


This is our official website: , and this is Google page:


The problem is when you search for "Laser centar Diva", the old address shows up - Kosovska 34. That is no longer our address and it causes confusion to our clients. To make confusion even bigger, there is a similar company at that address, which name is Poliklinika Diva. We are the same brand, but we are NOT the same company. Our only valid address is Prote Mateje 9 (Belgrade, Serbia). I have tried to delete an old entry, I have even verified it, but Google doesn't except my changes - it always creates new page, and keeps an old result in Google search. The only correct result when you search for "Laser centar Diva" would be the address at Prote Mateje 9, but I am not sure what can I do more to delete an old entry. I have sent feedback to Google already about this, but no one seems to care.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: Wrong address listing

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Hi @Natasa Z! That's a pretty common problem, luckily it's not too hard to get it fixed if you know what to do. 

First, here's the info for the listing at the old address:

What you'll want to do, is contact @googlesmallbiz on twitter and explain the situation, and that you'd like the old address marked as 'moved'. Here's an article one of the top contributors here wrote about it:

You could also try contacting Google phone support instead of twitter, but with this specific problem you'll probably have better luck just going to twitter, support there is awesome. 


I noticed you have two pending changes on the listing for the old address (trying to get it marked as closed) DON'T make any new ones, those changes will need to be manually confirmed, and it'll gum up the works if any new changes are made. As it is those might need to pass through the pipeline before twitter support will be able to help you mark it as moved. 

Next up: 
Here's another article by the same top contributor that's a great action list for when you're moving locations. Use this as a checklist to see if there's anything else you didn't hit.


I did a little digging, but I don't know much about the online local Ecosystem in your country... the short version though, there's a lot of other places than just Google that your business can be listed (Facebook, Bing, etc.) and you'll want to make sure that any mentions of your business with the old address are updated to the new information. This is going to be all the more important since it appears you've also changed your phone number too... changing phone number and address at the same time is a big deal, and having problem like this pop up isn't surprising given the circumstances. If you go through the list though and take my advice, you should be good to go before too long. Good luck!

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Re: Wrong address listing

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Hello, James,

Thank you very much for your answer. You gave me very detailed instructions, I hope they will do.

Thanks again!