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Wrong Company Listed in Google SERP for my Brand Name

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My business name is Glamorous Photography PTY LTD but shows on google search and map as Glamorous Photography (with no PTY LTD)

Phone is 1800 452 677 (1800 GLAMRS) also with the phone, can i change it so it looks as 1800 GLAMRS and if so, does that mean that it will still work when people click on it and would go straight to my 1800 422 677 number?

My current mobile number is +61411723388

Current address is 3 Hampton Street Hurstville Grove NSW 2220 Sydney AUSTRALIA


Also, i have uploaded x2 images butt an not see them anywhere. Is there a timeframe before they appear?  How do i get this updated please?


Thank you! 


URL is,151.1165289,15z/data=!4m2!3m...

Re: Wrong Company Listed in Google SERP for my Brand Name

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For anyone else interested in taking a look:

google profile:

Hi @Stefan A

hm, I'm not sure where you're seeing Glamorous Photography PTY LTD, the name for the only listing I could find is definitely just Glamorous Photography. Is it possible you have two business pages in your dashboard, and one of them isn't claimed yet? Looks like there's only one listing for the business, and it's just got the two word name. 

For phone number, Google's guidelines say:

Use a local phone number instead of central, call center helpline number whenever possible.

I've seen plenty of businesses use an 800 number, so I don't know that I'd say you should go out and change it, but I don't see that number in too many places, so now might be an easy time to switch to your mobile number if you feel like it. My guess is you won't rank quite as well with an 800 number, but your account won't be shut down because of it or anything. You definitely aren't going to be able to get the number to display in any non-standard way though. you can imagine if Google discourages using 800 numbers in the first place, they aren't likely to be making concessions for how it's displayed. If you do switch to your local number for your Google profile though, make sure you don't use your 800 number anywhere else, Google seeing two phone numbers for you in different places will cause ranking problems. 


I'm not seeing any photos that've been uploaded... that's another reason I'm wondering if there's a second unverified account you're looking at. The page I linked to above definitely doesn't have any photos. If you do upload some photos to that page, they should show pretty much right away. 

Hope that helps!

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