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Why is Google My Business so confusing to set up?

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Things have gotten way past the point of comprehension at this point, why is it so difficult to set up a simple My Business Page? I thought I had completed this but there is stuff everywhere with no explanation as to what they are.

This is the Header Section of what I thought was my Business page:


Yet, when I click on My Business from the home page of Google, I see this:


1. What is the difference between the two?

2. Do I need both of them? If not, how do I get rid of the one?
3. Why does the one on the left show my personal name and not my business name?
4. On the Header section screenshot above it says my business is "verified" but on the other screenshot it says it isn't??
5. What is the difference between a "Brand Page" and the Business G+ page, why does this seem so redundant, which one is actually beneficial to use?

It astounds me that the largest tech company in the world with the world's most popular search engine, OS's, Browser, etc. etc. etc. Cannot develop an intuitive UI for listing a business. Unreal.

Any insight to any of this would be gladly appreciated...thanks in advance.

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Re: Why is Google My Business so confusing to set up?

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@Jason R


first of all oyur busines is life and its life as a SAB business (see very below about a remark to the Service Area)

Its a GMpas link and this refers to your first screenshot 

all this is about your GoogleMyBusiness listing 


Your second screenshot shows your dashboard


Its showing two "business accounts":

1# left side your genuine "business account" and it contains your verified SAB listing (getting it if clicking "MANAGE")


2# right side an additional "business account" called by you as "Omnia Creative Studio".

This other  "business account" contains any other (for me yet invisible location - likely not yet verified)


I would see it if you  click on the link   "MANAGE" for the other additional "business account" called by you as "Omnia Creative Studio" 


Since you aske in the second screenshot "What is this??":

My answer are two information:

A# you created it according

(as it is designated for bulk uploads only).

You instead mistakenly used it to put one location in it - wasting of your time, effort and good managment option if not having more then 10 locations of your bsuiness to manage

B#  clicking now "Manage" on the right side will show you what location you're managing there and what is it's status.

Third remark to the verified marker bottem the genuine business account where you red highlighted the "unverified".


This is indeed confusing . But we all see it this way  as it does't tell you the location inside is unverified. It just tells you this "business account" is unverified as "Business Account" 


You will see other options like "Get verified" in case you have more then 10 or more locations in a "business account"

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