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Why does google make it so hard to gather and display my business reviews?

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For something which I genuinely think is a great idea, Google My Business is, in my opinion, not very user friendly.


The amount of hoops you have to jump through just to send a direct link to a customer for a review is incredible, although I did achieve it in the end. But this took a lot of research, and it not straight forward at all.


So it makes since, that now I have gathered some reviews, I want to display them on my website. Can I work out how? Nope. There are various pages and plugins claiming to of achieved this, and I can not get any of them to work.


Surely a company with Google's background could find a better solution.


Has anyone managed to display their reviews on their website?

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Re: Why does google make it so hard to gather and display my business reviews?

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Hi @Grant S,


You only want one specific review on one property, ideally. You do not want to put Google Reviews on your website, you want them on Google. Then, you want Facebook reviews on Facebook.... BBB reviews on BBB, Yelp reviews on Yelp, Bing Reviews on Bing, etc.. 


This diversity and uniqueness with reviews in powerful for your brand, both with consumers and search engines. 


Now, to make this easy on you and allow your website to have this bragging clout, here is what you do. 


1) Create a webpage called customer-reviews

2) Write a few paragraphs discussing and asking for your customers to your a reviews on the platform of their choice from the list below. Discuss how important trust and transparency is with reviews and this is why you allow your customers to make and manage their reviews. 

3) List each website that accepts reviews with each one having their own H2 or H3 title, a paragraph discussing the platform and a button that say Review Us that links directly to that third-party review service. 

4) Make a catchy action button you can post on all of your webpages that says Review Us and have it link to your customer-reviews webpage. 


That's it! This is the very best way to handle reviews. You can now print postcards and other media, post on social sites, etc.. all that link to your webpage that you control. You can add more, take away others... and your media assets remain valid.


I hope this helps. 


Kind Regards, 




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