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What account is what? Google My Business / Google+ / Gmail...

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Original Irish Art

Unit 5, Duncrue Industrial Estate, Duncrue Crescent, Belfast BT3 9BW

07841 648577




Really hope someone can help! I'm getting so confused about the whole setup of Google My Business as well as Google+. I think I get the gist of each of the components but I've read so many articles and can't seem to get my head around everything, the lines are so blurred between the different setups, names and accounts.


I have a business that sells Irish art. My business address is in Belfast but I also sell online. I have my own website and company emails but created a Gmail email account and used this to access everything Google. I now have access to and have setup Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Search Console, Google My Business and Google+.


However! I'm really unsure about a few things and can't seem to find the answers anywhere...


Google My Business

I have setup a Storefront on Google My Business, entered all my details, got my postcard and got verified ok. When I login to Google My Business and click the title (Google My Business) I arrive at a page listing businesses that I own and manage. The first square shows my business in question and although my Gmail email is it displays my own personal name used for the Gmail account. I then clicked on the + icon to setup a new business and can add my actual business name to this new account. I didn't proceed through the full setup but I can now see two accounts, the one that displays my own personal name and the other my business name.


Is it right that my own name is displayed on my account that is setup? Should it not appear with the business name as the new one is? I wasn't for setting this business up again as a new business but it seems strange that the setup I have displays my personal name. I do have another two businesses to setup but it's really confusing that this first account has my own name and the others would have their company names which is what I'd like for all of them. When I click the box for this company that is already set up I do go through to manage locations and when I click to manage my verified location I go through to my business page ok.



This is really really confusing me! Somewhere along the way I managed to setup a personal profile in my own name using this same email address. I then setup a brand page for company above that I already setup in Google My Business. Is it right that I have a physical location in Google My Business as well as a brand page on Google+ because I also sell online?


What's really strange is that when I go to whilst logged in I see my Google+ page but in the top right corner I see this is connected to my Gmail account ( with my own personal name. If I click on the icon I see another icon with my company name and labelled 'Brand Account'. When switch between both they seem to go to the same Google+ business (or brand?) page. However, if I am on the account with my Gmail email listed to the top right (and still showing my company Google+ page name to the top left) and click on 'Collections' it sends me to my personal Google+ profile that contains a few images I'd uploaded recently.


To make things even more confusing I see my location on Google Maps in the wrong place. I have two businesses in two units beside each other and they are not on the same part of the map. This business is a across the road in another unit. I do see one business listed as 5 (without 'Unit') and the other as Unit 6, could this be the issue? I did get the postcard to my premises ok. When I look at the details in Google My Business I have got 'Unit 5' listed, not just '5'. Also, something else, on the business listing to the right on Google I see images used that are ones that I uploaded to my personal Google+ profile! I can't for the life of me work any of this out...


Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm ready for tearing my hair out at this stage...

Many thanks,


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What account is what? Google My Business / Google+ / Gmail...

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lemme try  de-confusing you:

going to and then top right seeing  it's connected to your Gmail account this is normal and intended.


the email listed top right is the same email as you used to log in to GoogleMyBusiness while creating this listing


you will also see an other view of all you GMB stuff going to - we call this your "dashboard"


And its the same site as you get if top right below you shown email address clicking "brand account"

Means you access your  "dashboard" through your credentials and the user-ID of it is your emall address.

Note nobody but oyu can see this email address.


Regarding the shown information:


I see your listing with this address


5, Duncrue Industrial Estate, Duncrue Cres, Belfast BT3 9BW, United Kingdom


I have no clue this address is correctly pinpointed or not.

However if applying a plain address search with GMaps for "5, Duncrue Industrial Estate, Duncrue Cres, Belfast BT3 9BW, United Kingdom"I seem getting the exact same location pinpointed.


Whats wrong with this location?

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

What account is what? Google My Business / Google+ / Gmail...

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Hi Helmut,


Many thanks for getting back to me! Unfortunately I'm still a bit confused. I've a good few other questions if you don't mind, probably more than before...


The business that I am emailing about is something that I have setup with a partner. I do however build websites myself and have a few other clients that I need to set up with everything Google. I'm more of a designer so don't really do much social media wise but I do get asked a lot to setup Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, etc which is why I'm trying to understand the setup of all this and how it would work for other business models. I have inherited a few websites that are a bit of a mess in terms of how they are linked up...


Google+ am I right in thinking...

1.When a person sets up Google+ they are creating a Google+ profile for an individual?

2. If a company/business sets up a Google My Business account they automatically get a Google+ business page and can choose from a local business page and a brand page?

3. If that business serves customers from a physical location they go for 'storefront' (local page), if they service people at their customers location they choose a 'service area' (local page) and if they do not have a physical address that serves the public they create a 'brand' page?

4. Can/should a business that trades from a physical location as well as online have both a local business page and a brand page?

5. So am I right in thinking that this is my Google+ company brand page? why does it not seem to be connected to my local business page or the panel to the right of the page in SERP's?

6. Whilst clicking through everything I have landed on for my personal profile as well as my brand page. Where do these fit into everything? How do people find these pages?


Gmail Account

1. Can I manage a Google My Business account, Google+ profile, Google+ local business page and/or Google+ brand page with any Gmail account?

2. Can I can get/give access to Google+ and Google My Business with any Gmail accounts I choose?

3. Does it matter if my Gmail account is a personal one that is connected to Google+ business pages or a Google My Business account as this will not be visible to the public?


Google My Business

1. When I login and I'm on the dashboard, are these businesses listed only for businesses with a physical address which is a place of work?

2. If I have a separate business which is unrelated to the one listed should I still add that business into this account with its own physical location or create a new GMB account?

3. If I have a business without a physical location should I just create a Google+ brand page without going through Google My Business?

4. When I login to GMB and arrive at the dashboard why is my business listed with my own name? Would it be advisable for me to set up a personal Gmail account, then create a GMB account with my home address before setting up my different businesses in this account and giving them their business names? It still feels strange and confusing the way it is all showing up.

5. When on the GMB dashboard and I click 'Manage' my business I go to a second page where at the bottom under locations I can then click 'Manage Location' and I arrive at a page for my business. What is this page? Is it my local business page? How/where do the public get to see this page?

6. When I search my company name in Google I see a box to the right in the SERP's with my company name, some images, a map and opening times, etc. What is this listing referred to as? Is this GMB or Google+? It does not seem to link to any of my business/brand pages...

7. Why do I see some images that were posted on my Google+ profile appearing on different instances of my business/brand pages including the panel to the right in Google SERP's when searching my business name?



I'm not sure what is happening but the correct location for my business is:

Unit 5, Duncrue Industrial Estate, Duncrue Crescent, Belfast BT3 9BW


5, Duncrue Industrial Estate, Duncrue Crescent, Belfast BT3 9BW

It is in Google My Business as Unit 5. I have now requested an edit to the address so hopefully this will resolve it.


Sorry for the very long winded posts!

Many thanks,


What account is what? Google My Business / Google+ / Gmail...

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who is here Paul and who is Martin?

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

What account is what? Google My Business / Google+ / Gmail...

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Sorry, I am Martin, Paul is my partner and he had set the Google stuff up initially whilst I was building the website. I thought it would complicate things even more if I set myself up as a manager of the Google accounts as well...