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Website won't link!

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Hey everyone,
Funny enough I used to be in the SEO space and for the life of me, I cannot get my business' website to link and show up on Google. 
Searching our business name "Southside Ink (Toronto)" will bring up our listing and some other links but not our website. I've added it multiple times in the dashboard, through suggesting an edit, AND on map maker. 
I'm curious if it has to do with using a Squarespace website, which from what I've read, is not the best for SEO...
Please help!
Thank you :) 
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August 2016

Re: Website won't link!

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Hi @Nana O,


Choose the G+ page and click View page. Make sure that you're using classic Google+. If you're using the new Google+, click Back to classicG+ in the bottom left corner of your screen. Click the About tab below your cover photo, then scroll to the "Links" box and click Link website. Follow these steps more help or post up what error you get.


The good news is that your website is somewhat listed in Google Search and has a Knowledge Panel, too. I have submitted your website to be included in your Knowledge Panel (box on right side on SERPs (search engine result pages).  


The bad news is that the website is the complete opposite of being optimized for search. 


There is no content on the home page, a front door (splash entry page) with nothing on it, hidden text... there is nothing to promote, no reason for Google to promote it more than it is. 


Once a small business creates a website, they must work on making that website a great user experience for visitors. How do they do that? They provide a well-structured website with relevant content presented on a fast-loading and mobile-responsive, modern website. It also must not have errors or issues that harm a visitor or that prevents Google from crawling your website. 


You can start to figure out your website by using Google Search Console. Once Google Search Console is reviewed, let's check up on your site speed, mobile-friendliness and some SEO (search engine optimization) stuff. Search Console will also show you error pages, which is where your old page addresses will be listed. Any of those should have 301 redirects set up for them. You can check this as often as you like to catch them all and as they show up.


You should also be using Google Analytics and Google Search Console to better understand what is happening with your website. 


1) Visit Google Search Console.

2) Use the Google Developers Speed Test and work on fixing the issues so that your score is 89 or higher for both mobile & desktop.

3) Rerun the Google Speed Test but use this tool instead. Make sure you have a mobile score of 100.

4) Run your site through this SEO score checker.

5) Visit Google Analytics and setup your website.


Utilize the steps as they are outlined. Visit #1 and dig into your website actions with Google. Use #2 to bring your score up and get any optimized content to download & use. Complete everything and then go to #3. Complete everything and go to step #4. Now go to step #5 and dig into what is actually happening with visitors and your website.

From here, you need to have a strong and consistent social presence that is updated with content related to your products & services. And you need to utilize a local online presence by being listed on local directories (YP, BBB, etc.). And all of your online information needs to be consistent and correct.

All of this will be a continual process of repeating the above steps 2-3 times per month for the life of your business.  


Please let us know what you discover and enjoy the process.


King Regards,



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Re: Website won't link!

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@J Clemens and @Nana O GoogleMyBusines  will check each website of a listing being enabled for SSL access

Means they check in your case whether will work or not.

But the HTTPS version does't work

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Website won't link!

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My website already have SSL but google not link.

Please help me.

Website won't link!

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@Muhammad K

Please start your own thread providing there all information to understand and investigate your issue
This allows us to keep the forum organized and gives you the attention you need.
This ( ) is our top level Community--from there, you can click into the board title that is most applicable for your issue. Once you're in an individual board, you can click on the red/pink + sign in the lower right corner of the screen to start a new topic.


while starting the new thread please ping my as " @Helmut Geissler "


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