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We use the API for Google Insights: What do the following mean?

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I was going over the metrics with a client. They had a lot of really good questions. Hoping someone in here as some of the answers. 
Thanks for the help!
1. Why do Total Searches and Total Views NOT add up to the same amount?
Total Views = Map + Search Views
Total Searches = Direct Vs. Discovery
2. Why is the Sum of Total Searches Higher than the Sum of Total Views?
3. What's the difference between a Search Vs View?
4. When does a Direct view Count as a Map View or Search view?
5. When does a Discovery view count as a Map View or Search View?
6. When does a Direct search Count as a Map View or Search view?
7. When does a Discovery search count as a Map View or Search View?
What do these examples count as?
View/Search or Both?
Search Vs. Map?
Inline image 1
2. If I click the listing from I.E 1 what does it count as?
Inline image 3
3. Do the Pins to the right count as View/Search or towards Discovery? Since they are not on the cards to the left?
Inline image 4
4. Does the Knowledge Graph count towards Direct Search?
Inline image 5