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Verified my business listing not showing up in "near me" search

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We setup & verified a google my business account about a month ago. Hoping to appear in "near me" / "nearby" type searches, specifically "tree service near me" and "tree service nearby" searches on google. Although it's been about a month since we created our my business listing, we're still not appearing in this type of search. Even when we zoom in on the google map to get search results that are really close to our business listing (to see if it's just an issue of rank), we are not even on the map. We are however, on the map when searching for our business name.

Any words of wisdom on how to appear in these types of searches?

Business is "Buckthorn Tree Service", 806 S 7th St, East Carondelet, IL 62240.




Re: Verified my business listing not showing up in "near me" search

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Hi @Kathrine B

I did a few searches, I found you for some searches at least. tree services nearby Carondelet you're number 1. 

Going beyond that, there's a lot of different factors that Google looks at to decide which businesses to display, especially for general keywords like you're talking about. Everything from how you've set up your Google my Business profile, how many reviews you have, how long people stay on your site when they visit, how accurate and wide spread the information is on your business in various 3rd party websites, how many other sites link to your business website, and the list goes on. Plus, age is a factor, one month is still fairly new. 

If you're interested in investing time and money in this side of your business, there's a few things I'd suggest. 
Upload a few more images to your GMB page, at least 5 total, especially a few more images that aren't just the logo and text. 
Continue asking customers to leave a review. You can use this link.

Consider investing in Moz Local to get your business information in the other 3 major local business data aggregators. From there given enough time, it will start seeping out to the rest of the internet. You can speed it up/hit a wider group by using whitespark. 

Get more links pointing to your site. I used one of my tools, it found zero. Useful, relevant links can be hard to get and can require some creativity, but this is the real make or break factor that sets most businesses at the top apart. Here are some starting ideas. 


I could keep going, but you get the idea. Here's an article if you'd like to read more. 

To help you make an informed business decision, building your exposure locally is a great way to build a real foundation for your business, but it's kind of like getting a train up to speed. It can take a while to really crank up to full throttle, even if you're doing all the right things. 

Also, this won't help your ranking per-se, but I noticed you've got what appears to be a residential home listed as your address. Do you recieve customers there during business hours? If not you should mark yourself as a service area business.

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