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Verified Business listing has correct address in GMB and Google Plus, but shows incorrectly in Local

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Hi All,


Can't figure this one out. Our company, JAST Media, has correct address information on GMB, fb, all known local data aggregators, but does not show up properly in Google Local Search (our correct address is ..."Avenue", not "Court").


I know Google Maps is somewhat defunct, but can't update the data there on any browser or login (tried many through many channels).,-122.7677167,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x549572901...



Any advice on how to correct an address on Google Local search that is 100% correct in GMB, fb, Bing, and across all known data aggregators?

We need it to read the correct street name of "Avenue", and not "Court" as it does at current. 

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Re: Verified Business listing has correct address in GMB and Google Plus, but shows incorrectly in L

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@Erik at JAST


trying to do the same as you did  (editing the address to "25030 SW Parkway Ave #300  Wilsonville, OR 97062" via GMaps)  I get the same "server error"

But I wonder why you tried to change the street address via GMaps?


Since the listing is a verified listing you should be better able to change the address through your GoogleMyBusiness dahsboard.


BUt in case you have tried it also through GoogleMyBusiness dahsboard.getting the same or an similar strange errror message the matter needs fixed by "Business support"


There seems btw to be an other conflict:


supposed  the actual location as per your above link is correct I took a look on MapMaker and it shows the bloody "court" as address too.

It seems possible to change the address to "Avenue" - but this gives an error message:

Screenshot 2017-03-24 at 16.41.43.png


changing (according the error message) the city from "Wilsonville"  to "Tulatin" would work:


Screenshot 2017-03-24 at 16.46.55.png 

but I ofcourse did not finish this (reverting my change in order not to confuse anybody and not making your listing more worst as it is)

But I'm convinced my above tries show the core of the matter: as an address issue 


Both below addresses work:


25030 Southwest Parkway Court Wilsonville Oregon 97070
25030 Southwest Parkway Avenue Tulatin Oregon 97070
but  25030Southwest Parkway Avenue Wilsonville  Oregon 97070 doesn't work
Thinking now only business support can fix it.



Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Verified Business listing has correct address in GMB and Google Plus, but shows incorrectly in Local

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Hey Helmut,


I understand what you're saying completely.


I think the issue lies in our physical location's closeness to the zip code boundary (all zip code maps show our office as officially in Wilsonville, OR 97070).


Yet when I cued up a google zip code map, it's a little different than others as to delineation of zip code, and has us right on the border with the town Tualatin, which has a zip of 97062. This in combination with the fact that a "#300 Parkway Court address" does indeed exist in another part of the town Wilsonville/97070 for a different company, this may explain our issues. 


Regardless, your assistance is greatly appreciated and it's good to see you approached it in the same way we did and had the same issues.

Anyhow, what is the best way to contact business support?