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Verification of Business and Street View Trusted Photographers

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Couple of things here... 

Firstly I was recently added to Googles list of Street View Trusted Photographers For Hire and on the page providing details for services, "trusted photographers and agencies can support business owners in creating and verifying their business listings." Though it is not at all clear how this support can be given and what additional resources a 'Trusted Pro' has access to in order for them to assist this process, other than directing business owners to the rather slow 'verify by postcard'. So, are there additional methods and support for this hidden away somewhere? 


Following on, I have just attempted to create a local business listing, and despite the linked site being verified in sitemaster and analytics, no other option for verifying is given other than postcard. 


Anyone help point me at resources Street View photographers should have (I got access to the badge, and also appear as a photographer for hire....

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Re: Verification of Business and Street View Trusted Photographers

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Hi @Rupert W


There is no additional resource available to get a business verified quicker.


If you are part of the Gybo program in the states you can pre notify a GMB rep that you will be visiting a business and they can help to verify it quicker when you create it.


I think Google parters in US can get a business that they are in by using the street view app.


Apart from that, no other way.


If the business has a good online presence and Google is pretty sure that that busienss exists at that address, they will offer phone verification.


If Google is 100% certain that the business exists at that location, you will be able to verify via search console.



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Re: Verification of Business and Street View Trusted Photographers

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Thanks Tim. I guess all the web resources have been written with the US in mind... I'll see if the support email can maybe provide more details if there are any UK equivalents.