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Two websites, different practices, same company

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So I work at a law firm in which we specialize in two different legal services. Because these are two very different practices, each with a variety of related cases which we take on, we have two websites for the firm, one for each practice, but with same layout, name, address, phone, etc, just different URL's and content (in terms of practice areas, as stated). I want to make a google+ brand page for the firm, but I'm not sure whether I should just link both websites, or if it asks for only one. I do not want to merge the two sites because the practices are very different, and clients are more likely to find them through each practice area as opposed to our firm's name. One of them also does much better in terms of SERP rankings, and this would not be the case if we were to change the website name, which would be necessary if we were to merge. I plan on getting the brand page verified, but I don't know if that is possible given that there are two links. Any help would be great, thanks.

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June 2016

Re: Two websites, different practices, same company

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Hi Sejdi

You can have multiple brand pages, if the two practices have two separate brands/identities.
Brand pages only occasionally show in the search results, so "ranking" for a brand page isn't really a consideration. Brand pages offer only one link in the information section by the banner.

If you mean a local business listing (one that shows in the 3-pack with the maps), then you're restricted to just one listing to represent the physical location of your business. You could put links to both sites in the 'about" section, and you'd again have just one URL in the information section by the banner.

Having to talk in generalities as I don't have any info on the biz / location in question.
If you need more details, please provide more details - biz name, address, phone, website URL/s etc.

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