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Two business-names same business

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Our business(Political party) has a challange when it comes to search results because of the name/language. 

Why? In Norway we have two written-languages, the difference is about the same as US english and GB english. The language which the national party use is different from the local party language. (bokmål / nynorsk) 

So the legal name is in nynorsk: "Herøy ArbeidArparti" .. but many people will also search for the bokmål name: "Herøy ArbeidErparti". When you search "Herøy ArbeidErparti", the business information will not show.  


So my question is. Can we claim both names and channel them both to the legal name? (Herøy Arbeidarparti)


Name: Herøy Arbeidarparti

Address: Nedre Bergslia 8, 6091 Fosnavåg

Phone: +47 417 77 978

Google maps url:,5.655087,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x...