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Two Completely Different Businesses at Same Location and Google Unpublished One Calling It Duplicate

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I was previously the Director of Marketing for Wahoo Docks and Wahoo Decks and now work as a Marketing Consultant for them. Google recently unpublished the business listing for Wahoo Docks - calling it a duplicate of the Wahoo Decks page because the two businesses share an address. Nothing we say seems to be able to sway them and they won't let us escalate beyond the guy we are talking to...


These two businesses DO share an address (a HUGE warehouse and office complex) and parent corporation. However, they have completely separate:

- Industries Served (Boat Docks versus Porch / Patio Decking)

- Business Accounts / Tax Filings

- Phone Numbers

- Websites ( and

- Managers / Staff

- Business Models (Docks is a manufacturer of aluminum docks and sells through a dealer network while Decks manufactures aluminum decking and sells to consumer)

- There is also permanent signage in front of the building with the separate logos for each company


This is hurting Docks' SEO ranking now AND Google combined the reviews which doesn't even make sense because Wahoo Decks has NO relation to Wahoo Docks in terms of business. 


We are very frustrated because the guy we have been speaking to refuses to listen to reason. This is truly a clear-cut case of two totally separate businesses, albeit sharing a huge warehouse/manufacturing center/office space. But again, both companies are completely separate in every other way and we have demonstrated that. 


Do we have any other recourse if the guy who has been handling this on the Google side refuses to escalate the issue or help in any way?


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Two Completely Different Businesses at Same Location and Google Unpublished One Calling It Duplicate

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Again, the businesses are Wahoo Docks and Wahoo Decks.


I am unable to provide the Wahoo Docks business listing because they have unpublished it.


The address of both is 203 Chesterra Dr., Dahlonega, GA, 30533.


Wahoo Decks Google My Business Listing:,-83.7916649,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x694f...