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Trying to Verify by postcard, but business address is completely wrong, and it won't let me edit it

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Hello and thank you for ANY help.

I have read a number of similar posts here, the only one I can find that has the same problem sent the customer to a support section that just has articles - no alternatives for resolution.  I have read all the articles.  There is no answer to this that I can find, but I would imagine this happens often..

The official address for our business is completely wrong.  Before we realized this, we initiated a verification postcard.  It never came.  We re-initiated the postcard again.  Then we caught the error.  We will never get any postcards.  

Understandably, the system will not let us edit the official business address to resolve this and send a new post card.  What can we do?

Thank you kindly in advance.



Tory McPhail Foods

615 Milan St                       this is the CORRECT address

New Orleans, LA 70115

In case you need it, the incorrect address in your records is:   1027 Lyons, New Orleans, LA  70115

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Trying to Verify by postcard, but business address is completely wrong, and it won't let me edit it

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@Tory M


the G+ page doesn't show any concrete address at all.

And it is slightly different named as "Chef Tory McPhail Foods"


I also wasn't able to find any business  named as "Tory McPhail Foods" at either of your both mentioned addresses.


However the G+ URL you provided looks like a suspended page of a Service Area Business.


Do you have a dashboard managing the page / listing  "Tory McPhail Foods" ?


If so can you please provide a screen grab showing the specifics of this listing 

and can you please provide a link or screenshot showing the bsuiness with the wrong address  1027 Lyons, New Orleans, LA  70115

This would be for certain help full to help you.


Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Trying to Verify by postcard, but business address is completely wrong, and it won't let me edit

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 THANK YOU KINDLY, Helmut, for the reply.... and my apologies for the delay.  I was traveling and then came down with a terrible cold.  Just back today!  Apologies also for the misinformation.  The issue regards the BUSINESS page... 


My PERSONAL page:  Tory McPhail
The BUSINESS page:  Chef Tory McPhail Foods


I can't answer your question re: your not seeing any pertinent business info at the link you provided to my business page.  We have completed it all and I can tell you that Google thinks the address that was entered is the correct address, and it is not.


As I mentioned, we initiated the verification process BEFORE we realized the mistake and now it will not allow us to make a correction.  I have attached 2 screenshots:  

ONE shows the Brand Account Details on Google showing the business name and part of the incorrect business address.
TWO shows the screen after I click:  I don't have a verification code .... Google displays this telling me to where the verification postcard will be going.


And my apologies, but I don't know about a DASHBOARD to manage the business page - Chef Tory McPhail Foods.  If the account defaults to having a dashboard, then I must have one, but I am unaware of it.  If the dashboard is something you have to explicitly set up or assign, then no.  We have not set up any dashboards.

Any thoughts on how we might get this inaccurate business address corrected?
and again, thank you kindly for any input.
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