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Transferring Ownership - Due to New Management Issue

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We currently have a page that we are unable to gain access to, for an old employee may had the information at some point in time. We need to gain access to this as it has all of our very important Google Reviews.... and it comes up on the right-side..., etc.


How do we gain access to the account if this has one? What are the steps to take?


I'm not sure it's even verified. It is not our correct name either.


If you type in:

children's and family dentistry west st


(Milford, MA)


We come up.


It has our reviews that are important to us.








Re: Transferring Ownership - Due to New Management Issue

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Patrick, You are going to have to Claim ownership of the Business. It is a several step process. Claim to Transfer Ownership- Can take 7 days.


Follow steps here


Tips here:


1) Go here: With your Main Google Associated account (preferably that also might use any other google products) Go to:


Type in your Business Name and Address. Follow the steps to claim and verify your Business.


If will say Already owned. You will need to follow through to make the Ownership Claim.


( Pro Tip - Make sure the new email address is also verified through Google Webmaster Tools)


Detailed instructions -

or here if you get confused -


Once you have done that step, The Claiming of Transfer of Ownership The process begins, after 7 days, if you have not been given access via a email transfer, then a follow up email should come through to continue the next step of the process. It gets tricky and you might have to call support.



Requesting Ownership, Conflict Resolution

For Local business page, one that displays address:

To request / claim ownership of a verified Google business page, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go To:
  2. Click: Get on Google
  3. Search for business name
  4. Select the correct business
  5. Select Request admin rights
  6. Fill in form
  7. Submit


See Full Ownership Request


Request Admin Ownership of Google Business Page


For a SAB ( serviced area business ) with the address hidden, you cannot request ownership via Google My Business. In this instance you should contact Google Business Support directly.

 (Source - )


But make sure the Email address you are claiming is also verified through Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console. Hopefully some of the other PRO's will step in and add some Advice is the process has been streamlined recently.