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Total rookie, need help!

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Hello Google.


We are Asian Fusion Cafe and till now we have our restaurant website is on your website.  Also, we receive customer reviews from your site.  I need to understand how I can enhance our engagement with our clients through your site. First,  our website appears to be in good position on your site.  How can we increase our SEO?  Also, how can we respond back to our clients reviews, to thank them?  Lastly,  I received a recent email on posting on google.  Im familiar with FB posting, not google.  Please advise.


Thank you so much!

Steven Wilkinson

Asian Fusion Cafe, Miami, FL

17043 South Dixie Hwy

Miami, FL 33157

786-543-8508 Direct Mobile.

305-278-6888 Office


Total rookie, need help!

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One of the best ways to increase customer engagement is to hire a GTP (google Trusted Photographer) to shoot a virtual tour and photos of you business. I have worked as a photographer in this area for 3 years. I ask the customer to add me as a manger on the page and I have plenty of proof that this program works. One restaurant got 22,000 new views in 3 week after I posted the tour. I charge between $449 to $649 for a virtual tour and photos including well lit food and beverage shots. Go to your Google My Business" page, and click on "get tour " at the top of the page. This will send a lead to the trusted photographers in your area and they should contact you shortly. Pick one with good work. It's only a one time fee, and you will find it well worth it. I've included my site below so you can see some good examples of what it looks like