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Tie GMB marker for Sark Museum, into customized embedded Tourism google map

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How do I tie my GMB marker for "Sark Museum" into the customized embedded google map on the local Sark Tourism website


I just took control of our google map icon for "Sark Museum".,-2.3890524,10117m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x480d0f...


Our local tourist board just started using an embedded google map for the Sark tourist website:


Here's my problems:


1.  The category "Attractions" is not available on GMB - only "Tourist Attraction" is available.  "Attractions" is used on the website embedded map, but it is impossible for me to set my category to "Attractions" in GMB  , its just not allowed and gives an error.


2.  "Sark Museum" will never show up on a list of "Attractions" or "Activities" on our local tourism website . Only icons controlled by the Sark Tourist office show up on the map and map list. So when a visitor ticks the category box at the top: "Activities"  or "Attractions" the Sark Museum will never show on the list.


3.  It seems the only option to have "Sark Museum" show up on the "Attractions" list on the embedded map in, is to for Tourism to add a second icon for "Sark Museum" to the embedded map.   This is not good, because that causes double up the markers on the embedded map: one from the original google map marker, and duplicate marker so places are listed on Tourism map.  


4.   Or, since I control the original Sark Museum marker, is there something I can do, to integrate an original google marker, into the embedded google map controlled by Tourism website?


I have only just begun learning GMB, so if this is obvious and there was an existing thread, apologies because I couldn't find the answer anywhere else. 


Sark Museum

Rue Lucas

Sark, Guernsey

GY10 1SG

+44 (0)1481 832 345  


(Sark Tourism phone number as contact)  website is under construction



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Tie GMB marker for Sark Museum, into customized embedded Tourism google map

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the embedded map on your website is an emebdded map created with Maps API.



you should ask the experts of the Google Maps & Earth Help Forum  about any ideas how to show on the map the "Sark Museum" 


It's IMO not a matter of GMB

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Tie GMB marker for Sark Museum, into customized embedded Tourism google map

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@Helmut G


Huge thanks for the suggestion, gives me something specific to push back at the Tourism website developers.   I had been told previously "We can't add a new website marker + list for you because you already have a google marker."  But now, I see they've already duplicated markers for about 10 other business, which is starting to make rather a messy map. 


Following your suggestion, have posted to Google Maps and Earth forum -- many thanks again for taking time for the forum.