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Suspended/ Spammy Behavior

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We are a locally owned locksmith here in Rio Rancho New Mexico, we have been in business for 18 years now and have had zero luck in getting properly on Google places for business. Before we were made aware of the business places benefits we were paying to advertise on Google through their adwords and paying quite a lot. We have been back and forth via e-mail and phone calls trying to figure out why our business has been listed as "spammy"/ suspending for quality issues. We have repeatedly read over the quality guidelines and in no way have violated those terms to our knowledge. I have plead with the phone support to help me figure out what the issue is and have gotten a few answers different times one time having me delete our first Google plus listing due to our e-mail being blacklisted (very scary, especially if you don't know if someone is cyber attacking your business) no explanation what blacklisted even meant? I was then told to delete it and create a new google plus page! Second one I did everything perfectly, we were up and running beautifully got two 5 start reviews, I thought everything was going perfectly and then I check to see if we populated in the results one day and boom we were gone. I log on and see that we were suspended!!! I plead with support once again to please verify the legitimacy of our business, I would send in our license etc, they said it was suspended indefinitely without a single word why! I'm absolutely sick about it, all our fellow locksmiths have not had any interruptions of business because they are on Google business places and whatever I did setting this up, I'm at a complete loss for words. I selected that we service a 50-100 mile radius we are a mobile locksmith, we have a professional website that we have paid a great amount for, I thought I was doing everything right? I had a friend of ours that's a very knowledgeable IT guy look into it and he fine tooth combed it and said he could not find a single reason why this would be happening to us. Our business has suffered greatly for this and I would appreciate anyone's kindness in looking into this for me!

A&A Lock & Key

2800 Ceniza Ln SE

Rio Rancho NM 87124



Thank you,

Ameer and Landa Mandilawi



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Re: Suspended/ Spammy Behavior

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Hi Ameer

You're in an industry too well known for spam, so the filters for a listing in your industry will be very tight. From what you've described, the thing that stands out is the service radius. Better to stick with the standard default number, even if you feel this restricts your area. A larger service area does not increase your chances of being listed in those further-out areas if a closer business can be found.

Try creating a page under a new Google account. If the problem was with the listing, and you do this one "by the book", you may be OK. If it isn't successful, then the problem may lie with your online presence (website, citations, etc).

Unfortunately when Google suspends a listing, they very rarely (if ever) explain why. It's frustrating at times, but understandable, as spammers would only abuse the information.

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