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Suite Not Appearing As Expected After Update

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I am submitting updates via GMB API on behalf of a client's account involving a suite identifier in the address, but the address on Google Maps only includes a lowercased version of the identifier without any indication that it is a suite.

For example,
The address data contains:

"addressLines": [
   "6729 Ramblewood Drive Suite F"

But the address seen at is:

6729 Ramblewood Dr f, Fort Wayne, IN 46835

I also have an account which uses separate address lines:

addressLines": [
    "4 Harris Court",
    "Suite C"

And their address seen at is:

4 Harris Ct c, Monterey, CA 93940




Is this expected behaviour? It doesn't seem to be clear what that character is indicating.

I see that other users on this forum have raised issues regarding this behaviour (most significant being Stop Changing Suite to #), and it looks like they have received manual intervention in their cases, but that is not likely an option in our case since we would have a number of clients experiencing this issue.

If this is expected behaviour, are there any options to force the address to appear as we are expecting it, with some "Suite" or abbreviation clarification?

Thank you for your time

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Re: Suite Not Appearing As Expected After Update

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Google Employee

Hi @Jason P,


Your changes to the business information in Google My Business may be reviewed for quality before being published and may take up to 3 days to go live. You should enter the complete and exact street address for your location. For most countries, the first line in the addressLines field of the Address object in a location should include a street number and street name. Suite numbers, floors, building numbers, etc., may also be included. Learn more about business information guidelines for address


Your question is more relevant to the Basics for Business Owners board for more help in verifying your pending edits and fixing incorrect business information on Google. Therefore, I’m moving this topic there.




Suite Not Appearing As Expected After Update

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Hey @Terry W,

I am confident we are sending the suite data as expected, as outlined in my examples, and it had been longer than 3 days and we are still see the suite data represented as outlined in my examples.


I'm still wanting to know -- is this suite representation is working as expected?, as I can't verify the communication between GMB and Google Maps, and then the representation of that address in Google Maps.

It seems like a bug to me, as the meaning of those lowercase characters at the end of the address is ambiguous. For instance, "123 Fake St e" could be reasonably interpreted as "123 Fake Street East".