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Street Address

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2 questions


1. My address is rural and has no street address but form insisting something is entered. When I used a drop pin it automatically enters "unnamed road".


2. Google Search is not finding my new business address, however it does appear when I double click the location on My account however when using this method the search field has the full business name followed by unnamed road, townland,city etc. I understand that search might not find us until I improve the data to assist the algorithm but it would be good if I could at least get rid of the "unnamed road" 


I was a verified business but now I am pending again because I moved the pin a couple of mms and changed "unnamed road" to na in the hopes that the approval process would help me


Can anyone help?




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Street Address

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Hi Helen



I'm a little confused with what you're explaining.

Is the listing on a road that Google recognises?  When you say "however it does appear" do you mean the pin?  
Are you saying the name of the road is unnamed road, and you've suggested an edit to the name of the road?
Are you saying you can find the business listing if you enter the name, address and city?


Can you also provide information about the business, address & phone, website URL.


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