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Spamming Business In Indianapolis

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The following Google business listings are all the same spammy company. With business listing (1) Indianapolis Junk Cars being the main parent listing. Located within the business website of business (1) you will find links to other companies besides the ones depicted below that are also of the same company. If you try to type in any key category phrase word within a Google search bar business listing 1 is shown as (A) in ranking. All one has to do is to type in any one of the phone number shown below followed by the words Google Plus, press the search button and the telephone numbers for the corresponding Google+ businesses will be shown as evidence.

(1) Indianapolis Junk Cars 

1734 Villa Ave,Indianapolis, In 46203 



(2) Cash For Cars Indianapolis 

1441 Southeastern Ave, Indianapolis, In 46201



(3) Cash For Cars Indianapolis-East 

Indianapolis, In 46218


(website is same as Google Plus page)




(4) United Auto Sales 

3624 Southeastern Ave, Indianapolis, In 46203





(5) Pick a Part Indianapolis

Indianapolis, In 46203



(6) Beech Grove Towing 

3600 Southeastern Ave, Indianapolis, In 46203



(7) Lewis Towing

Beech Grove, In 46210


(Broken link website)




This one company has manipulated the Google advertising platform to where every single key category phrase in which is used to buy and sell cars, as towards to gain and maintain dominance. There is hardly any room for any other company to have business. Please help in this matter. Thank you


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Spamming Business In Indianapolis

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