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Some reviews not visible

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Hi, my business starts to get reviews. But there are 2 of my reviews which are not visible in my Google Business account reviews section. I know that the missing reviews are written since I have confirmation mails from them both. They are still in my inbox, but when I click 'read review' nothing is there.


See video below:


Missing reviews video


Kind regards Eric



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November 2015

Re: Some reviews not visible

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Hi Eric


So what you are saying is that, you recieved notification that there was a review ( x2 ). These two reviews are not visible.


Possible reasons that they are not showing:


  • Person who created them, deleted them.


Other reasons that they may have been removed :


  • URLs in reviews
  • The same review appears elsewhere online (Yelp, etc)
  • The person who wrote the review is a manager of your G+ Page
  • The person who wrote the review works for you
  • The person wrote the review from the same computer/IP Address that you sign into to manage your local listing
  • The person wrote the review from the same IP address as other users who left you reviews
  • The person tried to post a review for you several times on different dates
  • You've been collecting reviews in mass within a short time frame
  • All the people reviewing you are clicking on a link from an email signature
  • The person reviewing you has also reviewed multiple other businesses with the same name 
  • The person reviewing you has a completely blank G+ profile and has never had any activity on that Google profile before or after they left you that review.
  • You hired an SEO company to post reviews for you
  • You have an onsite review station (Ipad, Computer etc) at your location
  • You have literally no reviews anywhere else online but tons on Google
  • You are offering incentives for people who write you reviews.
  • Your # of reviews is abnormally higher than most businesses in your industry

Tim Capper, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Some reviews not visible

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Hi Eric


Adding to what Tim already told you:

There is somethings I noticed as not that good for your business "Eric Lindesvärd Marknadskommunikation"


You reviewed the "One Man Show" and the "One Man Show" reviewed you.


The other point is (and for sure triggering recent reviews getting filtered)

You got in the last week four or five reviews all at the same day.

Next point and regarding the review from Patrik Nystrom given in April.

Would you ask him please going with the same account as used by him in April to and checking he got any information shown up there from Google about not published or similar.


Last but not least: I took a look onto the available webcache of your page (it's from Sep 5, 2015 09:20:41 GMT)


Already at the time there is no review from Patrik Nystrom listed.

Wondering why you are complaing today in November about a missing review from April not shown at least since Sept this year?




Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Some reviews not visible

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Hi Tim, thank you for your answer!

I don't think the review from April is deleted by the reviewer (Patrik) but I will double check it. The one from today is definitely not.

None of the above other reasons are true. I always ask clients for whom I've done assignments to write a review about what they thought about my services. I asked a few people the other day, and therefore 3 reviews came in on the same day.

At first I thought the April review was just gone because of some general internet failiure, but when todays review also didn't show up, I thought it might be a pattern. But I just can't see why.

Re: Some reviews not visible

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Hi Helmut, thanks for answering!

Are there rules for who to review? 'One Man Show' has used my services, and I have also used that company's services. So I thought I might give them a review too.

Yes, there were 3 reviews coming in at the same day, because I reminded some of my clients that they could review the business relationship we have. They were kind enough to act fast. But they are for sure people I know and I have absolutely not told them what to write or when to do it.

The reason for not complaining earlier about the April review from Patrik, was that I thought it was just some kind of internet failiure. But when today's review also didn't show, I was starting to think that this was a pattern, and that the mistake was in the Google end of things.

Re: Some reviews not visible

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Hi again Tim, looking closer at your above listed conditions, one of them might actually be true. One of the users/reviewers (writing her review today) did not have any Google+ activity before. Google+ is unfortunately not as frequently used in Sweden as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

So the reason for Google filtering away the review could be that the user is not 'trustworthy', if I understand you correct? A bit sad, since the person is the CEO of a well respected event company. Hm...